Using Research to Become a Better Teacher

Dr Ben Goldacre is passionate about evidence-based practice.  Not content with taking the pharmaceutical industry to task over not publishing all their negative clinical trial data, he’s also advocating a clinical-trial like process could be used by teachers to try out ideas and truly evaluate them in order to find if they really work.

Great idea!  But what about those teachers that feel their Goliath-like workload doesn’t allow them the time to generate new research?

Journal clubs are a way for other professionals, such as doctors, to keep up with, and discuss, the latest research in order to benefit their own practice.  And there’s no reason why journal clubs can’t be used by teachers, either face-to-face or using social media.  A great example of this is The Science Teaching Journal Club, in which anyone can use Twitter to discuss a paper and how it could be applied in the classroom.

Perhaps if more teachers engage in reading and adding to the body of research we can convince politicians to stop meddling in education and let the real education professionals decide.

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