Brightest pupils being failed

Interesting news item today that Ofsted have decided that regular state schools aren’t pushing their brightest pupils enough. As a teacher I whole-heartedly agree with this. It is almost impossible to cater for one or two students in a class that are much brighter than the rest. That said, if we were to allow students to learn at their own pace using video lessons and assessment of mastery, investigate topics for themselves and follow their own interests (within limits) and maybe even mix up classes so they have pupils of varying ages and not just one (so they can develop more responsibility and have more opportunities to teach and mentor younger pupils) maybe this would help. This is what Sal Khan of the Khan Academy in his book advocates, and I can’t help but think that some of it may just work.


Sci-Fi desk

First the board became interactive, now the desk.

interactive desk


Asia’s star tutors

Celebrity status for tutors has got a long way to go in the UK, but not in Asia.

Celebrity tutors



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