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Does your child find maths difficult?  Do you want to help them but find either maths or the modern methods taught in school confusing?

Wouldn’t it be great if your child had their own personal expert tutor available whenever they needed them?

Now they can!  With my ‘Complete Maths Course’ your child can learn from more than 160 videos covering algebra to vectors and everything inbetween.  That’s over 10 hours of my expert tuition! Plus with each topic having its own exam-style questions and mark scheme, your child will have everything they need to learn maths online, fast.


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Who am I?…

I’m Dr Austin BDr Austin Boothooth, an expert tutor and exam marker.  In the seven years I’ve been tutoring maths, I’ve developed simple explanations and strategies that students understand first time.  This allows them to quickly learn and be confident with any maths topic – no matter how hard!

I’ve taken all of my experience and key explanations and put them into my ‘Complete Maths Course’.  Each of the 160+ videos is just 3-5 minutes long.  No waffle, just what your child needs to learn maths online.

What if my child has a question?

No problem! My Accelerate package combines my excellent ‘Complete Maths Course’ with tutor support where you or your child can ask questions and get video responses from me.  Video allows me to demonstrate how to solve a tricky problem or or give a different explanation, and allows you to replay it.  So no problem if you forget after a few weeks.

Since starting tuition with Austin my daughter has gained confidence in her own Mathematical ability and now approaches Maths questions with positivity. The online video tuition is excellent and enables my daughter to refresh her learning before attempting any work she has been set in lessons in school. Fully recommend.

Katie Bingham, Parent

Money Back Guarantee

Try without risk – I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

My son has found the on line tutoring provided by Austin easy to use and we feel it is an effective and efficient way to access support. This has been a great way to access tutoring as travelling has not been an issue, time is not wasted and our son is relaxed, at home, whilst learning.

Sarah Woolley, Parent

Austin is an excellent tutor, always reliable and clearly explaining the topic to be dealt with. He’s very thorough and has a patient, friendly attitude, which my daughter found comfortable and at ease with. Would definitely recommend Austin for your tutoring needs.

Darren Beeson, Parent